And now some fresh pickings from Special Report's "Political Grapevine."

Not concealing their firearms or opinions

Even though they're political supporters, the Secret Service couldn't quite buy the idea of Utah Republicans carrying guns into an event with Vice President Dick Cheney.  But those with concealed weapons permits didn't like the suggestion they leave their weapons behind.

The Utah Gun Owners' Alliance urged members to picket the convention with signs saying, "Gun Owners Elected You, Mr. Cheney," and "GOP Doesn't Stand for `Gun Owners Prohibited.'"

Finally, the state attorney general worked out a compromise.  Those attending the weekend convention in Salt Lake City featuring the vice president will be allowed to bring their guns to the event but will have to stow them in storage lockers until Mr. Cheney leaves.

Cut to whose political cloth?

If, as expected, Elizabeth Dole decides to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Jesse Helms, she may encounter some resistance, not only  from other candidates but also from conservative pundits.  One of them, columnist Michelle Malkin, argues that even if Dole were to win Helms' seat, she couldn't replace him as the conscience of the Senate.  "She has no ideas, no issues, and no motivating principles," the columnist says,  "except the eternal preservation of her political viability."  And she tops it off by calling Dole "Jim Jeffords in a skirt."

Heavenly glow or just 200-watt bulbs?

And gossip columnist Cindy Adams of The New York Post reports that actress Shirley MacLaine, a prominent supporter of liberal causes and candidates, has an unusual view of George W. Bush.  Adams quotes her as saying, "I had a vision.  I saw this great white light shining in the Oval Office, enveloping George Bush in its warmth.  I now know," MacLaine  reportedly said, "that George Bush is in God's divine plan for us."

Is MacLaine challenging other people's thoughts again, or has conservative Arnold Schwarzenegger taken over her body?

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