The Point of Pin

I recently received an e-mail from a Tom H., who writes:

"You Murdoch-kissing loser, I still see your stupid flag pin. You can cool it, Cavuto. Even some of your colleagues at FOX have dropped it."

First off, Tom, it's my choice. I like the flag pin. You don't.

I like what this pin represents. You don't.

I like a country that can let me be who I am. You don't.

That's your call. It's not mine. No one makes me wear a pin. I wear it myself.

You're quick to judge me for wearing one. I don't have a problem with you not wearing one.

Again, that’s your call. And that's the great thing about this country: I'm free to brag about it. You're free to bash it.

I don't agree with your take, but I'll support your right to take it.

You don't flip over me. Quite frankly, from the sound of your letter, I don't flip over you.

But because it's a free country, I'm free to be a patriot. You're free to be a jerk.

My colleagues don't need pins to prove their patriotism, but you seem to need an issue to prove your worth. You're right, a pin can't do that. In your case, a lobotomy might.

You're free to have a chip on your shoulder. I'm free to have a pin on my chest.

I'd be happy to give you one and several options where you could place it.

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