The Pain of Being Passed Over

He had paid his dues and put in his time. Endured countless meetings and worked countless weekends.

But when the big job came up, it went to a guy young enough to be his son, who hadn't worked nearly as many weekends or endured nearly as many meetings or put in nearly as much time.

A man who's now getting paid a lot more, having never paid his dues at all.

And my friend is angry; wondering aloud as he sits across from me, what happened and why.

It is one thing to be beaten out by a peer, he says. Quite another to be beaten out by a kid.

If I've heard this story once, I've heard it a thousand times and seen it too.

Those who supposedly haven't paid their dues, who feel due for bigger things and often, they get bigger things.

Many say freshman Senator Barack Obama hasn't paid his dues — that he's too young, too inexperienced.

But didn't they once say the same of Jack Kennedy?

It's like the old timers baseball game I covered decades ago in a prior job. When interviewing some of the stars of yester-year, one of them piped up, "And we didn't get anywhere damn so much as these hotshots today."

There was anger and resentment — not so much that they didn't get the brass or the brass salary, but that someone much younger did.

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