The Nine-Point Statement Released By Muqtada al-Sadr

The following, obtained by FOX News, is a copy of the nine point statement released by Muqtada al-Sadr office in Najaf:

Due to our responsibility to protect Iraqi blood, to protect the reputation of Iraq and its unity, in preparation for its independence and freedom from the armies of darkness, and in order to put down the fire of sedition that the occupiers want to light between the brothers of the Iraqi people, we call upon the Iraqi people to be responsible and stop shedding Iraqi blood and to protect the country's stability and independence. Therefore, we have decided the following:

Number one, ending all JAM (Mahdi Army) military presence in Basra and the rest of the provinces

Number two, stopping all random and illegal detention and arrests

Number three, calling on the government to implement the general amnesty law and releasing all detainees not convicted, especially the Sadr Trend detainees

Number four, whoever raises arms and targets the government and state offices, organizations and the services and the political party offices is not one of us

Number five, cooperation with the government in preserving security and targeting criminals through legal procedures

Number six, we confirm that the Sadr Trend does not possess any heavy weapons

Number seven, efforts should be made to return the displaced people to their original homes which they left because of the security situation

Number eight, we call on the government to take into consideration the human rights and all its security measures and procedures

Number nine, the effort should be focused on reconstruction and services projects in all provinces of Iraq