The Next President of The United States, and Iraq

There's no question the bloody chaos in Iraq led to the Democrats winning last November and controlling both the House and the Senate. And some Dems are counting on Iraq to assure a presidential victory next November, but that strategy is now in doubt because by all accounts, the surge in Iraq is working and things are improving there.

This puts the Democrats in a tight spot. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, John Edwards, and Bill Richardson all opposed the surge. They're all on the record.

Now all of those people were wrong. So while the Bush administration was wrong about Saddam having WMDs and grossly underestimating the amount of help the Iraqis would give the USA, the Democrats have now made a big Iraq mistake as well.

"Talking Points" believes a majority of Americans want Iraq to become a stable country friendly to the West, a bulwark against terrorism in the Middle East. Folks turned against the war because there was little sign of progress. And the Bush administration seemed helpless to turn the tide. Above all, Americans want strong leadership in the fight against terrorism.

So now the Democrats have lost a big cannon, so to speak. And if the economy stays relatively strong, there will be no one huge issue dominating the vote. Of course, it's possible that Iraq will turn chaotic again. But it is even money that things will continue to improve in that country. No longer can the Democrats count on the Iraq factor as they did last year.

We are living in very difficult times. Very difficult. The nuts running around screaming that President Bush should be impeached or that Hillary Clinton is the spawn of the devil accomplish nothing. This country needs creative, clear-thinking leadership, problem solving and honest presentations. Most Americans are tired of illegal alien chaos, sick of the oil industry gouging them, frustrated with corruption in the Iraqi government, fearful of another terror attack, appalled at media dishonesty, angry at radicals trying to change the culture, and confused by some Americans feeling happy when their own country gets hammered.

The vast majority of folks believe in the nobility of America and want leaders who respect our traditions and believe the USA is a noble nation. All the presidential candidates on both sides should keep that in mind.

Pinheads and Patriots

Ten-year-old Zach Bonner of Tampa is a good kid. He does a lot of charitable things, including walking 280 miles to Tallahassee to raise money for Habitat for Humanity, which builds homes for the poor. So Zach is a patriot, no question.

On the pinhead front, Stephen King is a scary guy, and apparently, told TIME magazine that first daughter Jenna Bush should be water-boarded so she could tell her father what it feels like.

Comments like that feel dumb to me, so Mr. King is a pinhead, even though his book, "The Stand," is one of the best.

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