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Fun seeing Tiki today after a win for the first time in a month. Kiran was her usually bubbly self and once again she and Tiki bonded like childhood friends who have been away all summer. OK, so I am a little jealous, but it's challenging to be Tiki at FOX News this time of year because all our relatives are begging for some type of Tiki signed gift from Christmas — and he is so good about signing.

In the break we all were discussing Toys for Tots and the need to give back. Barber often times says he will go post office get letters to Santa and hand deliver gifts to the kids in need. Kiran and I have done this but used the postal system to deliver them. Maybe we'll call an audible this year!!! All show we featured the Marine created Toys for Tots program and saw how Samsung and NutriSystem stepped up to sponsor and help; hopefully you will too.

As for the FOX & Friends the highlight had to be Sean Hannity LIVE in studio fresh off an exhausting trip to Iraq. He said it was life changing — and sitting in a jump seat of a cargo plane for 16 hours shows tremendous dedication. He's more convinced then ever that the military is going to achieve success and if you watch his segments you can see how mad they are at the media for portraying them so poorly.

Great to see former Saint and Gator quarterback Danny Wuerffel back in studio talking about his Desire Street Ministeries working its way back after being destroyed by Katrina. He is the ultimate good guy and needs as much help as possible to keep these kids on the right track and his non-profit up and running.

Of course I got my shock when I saw this e-mail Sunday night from Iraq. Colonel Oliver North found my book in a cafeteria in Ramadi. Who knew that two years from its PUB date people would still be reading it? By the way if you want a signed copy of my book "The Games Do Count" for Christmas go to www.BrianKilmeade.com and I will try and make it happen.

Let's get Doocy's "Happy Handbook" up to number one from number seven by going to Happyhandbook.com.

Thanks for keeping us number one and enjoy the Christmas mania,


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