The 'Looting' of the Iraqi National Museum

We're finally getting to the bottom of the looting of the Iraqi National Museum (search), the wholesale carting off of the world's oldest and more precious antiquities, the record of the first civilizations of the Mesopotamia Valley (search), the Fertile Crescent.

As you doubtless know, an unending conga line of tongue-cluckers and America-bashers have been taking their turns decrying the U.S. forces which took Baghdad so successfully as a bunch of botch-job hacks, who showed what their real intentions were by securing the oil ministry and letting the looters make off with Iraq's cultural treasures.

We've been treated to video of the museum completely trashed, of famously old pottery lying in piles of broken shards, and museum officials sobbing uncontrollably.

As I suspected a few weeks ago, the story is now turning on a dime. It now appears — courtesy of the reporting of our very own Jonathon Hunt (search) in Baghdad — that the museum had been cleaned out before the looters and vandals arrived.

The priceless antiquities had either been removed for safekeeping or stolen by the people who were trusted to protect them — the very people doing all the sobbing and blaming of the Americans.

Look... nobody does everything perfect, not even Americans. But this mindless blame game — that everything that's wrong with Iraq is America's fault — is just not plausible.

Iraq is full of crooks who used to work for Saddam Hussein and don't like being out of power. Doesn't it make sense that in most cases they are the ones making the trouble?

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