The Life and Times of General Douglas MacArthur

Sunday, May 28 at 8 p.m. ET!

Hosted by Oliver North

Sixty-three years ago this week, Douglas MacArthur, having promised "I shall return" was braving Japanese bombs and gunfire on the island fortress of Corrigidor (search). The legendary five-star general narrowly escaped death and in 1945, accepted the Japanese surrender in Tokyo Bay.

From the trenches in France during World War I, to battling the Communist Chinese in Korea's snow-covered mountains—it's all in this week's gripping episode of "War Stories."

General Douglas MacArthur (search) was a proud mixture of vanity and valor, a figure of legend and controversy, who remains a three war military prodigy unlike any other in history.

In this riveting special edition of "War Stories with Oliver North," you will hear from people who served with him as well as from those who loved him. You will go inside his life with his beloved mother “Pinky,” hear stories from his childhood in the Wild West, as well as tales from his hard earned admittance and hazing at West Point (search). Learn how his battle skills, honed in the trenches of World War I, inspired future generations of soldiers and military planners.

And you’ll see how his greatest triumphs —as well as his worst defeats— came as a result of ignoring or defying superiors whose orders he had sworn to carry out. Some of those superiors included American presidents.

From the personal side of this war hero, you’ll see love letters MacArthur wrote to the women in his life. At least one of them inspired a national scandal. And you’ll hear from the woman who was his greatest love: his wife Jean. She and their baby son were at MacArthur’s side while bombs fell on Corregidor (search), in one of the darkest chapters of World War II.

Plus, in a rare interview, former Secretary of State and former NATO Allied Supreme Commander Alexander Haig (search), who served with MacArthur in Japan, recalls witnessing MacArthur’s masterful command of the Joint Chiefs during the Korean War (search).

And, you’ll also meet the man who had to tell the five-star hero he had been fired by President Harry Truman (search).

Don't miss this important episode of "War Stories with Oliver North" this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET!

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