The Hypocrisy of Bashing the President

Sometimes you can't win.

Now everyone's dumping on the president, scolding him for not warning us about the warning. About the hijacking threat that I guess we all should have seen coming.

Never mind that the warning was vague, that its source was vaguer still, or that the people who would perpetrate it and when they might act on it, the vaguest of all.

Hindsight is 20-20 and now an angry media is saying, Mr. President you should have told us.

Never mind that warnings and alerts did go out and that air authorities were on high alert for weeks last summer.

Clearly someone slipped through the cracks — about 19 someones, to be exact, on an otherwise pleasant September morning.

But that's not my point. Some people's outright hypocrisy is.

Aren't these the same knuckleheads who ripped Tom Ridge a new one at several press conferences last fall — after the attacks no less — stating these constant heightened alerts were scaring the bejesus out of people?

Weren't they the ones who demanded that when it comes to terror the administration should say something specific or don't say anything at all?

Weren't they the ones who said the daily color code threat system is ludicrous, baseless and so void of details, it's useless?

And weren't they the ones who said the administration was making mountains out of security molehills?

All this after September 11.

All this after 3,000 Americans were killed.

All this after the biggest terror attack on American soil.

It makes you wonder. These guys had problems with having their daily lives interrupted even after all of our lives were interrupted on September 11.

Now they're faulting the president for something neither he nor they could have ever seen coming before September 11.

Could you imagine what they would have said had the White House come out with a warning back then, "we've got word of potential hijackings. We don't know when. We don't know where. Just be careful."

They'd have been all over the president.

The security lapses here do disgust me. But the behavior of my fellow journalists disgusts me even more.

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