The Hunt for Warren Jeffs

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Last night we did two segments on the polygamist Warren Jeffs who is on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted Fugitives List. If he had sex with an underage girl, he committed a very serious crime and needs to be apprehended at once. If he is arranging for others to commit this crime, it is likewise a serious crime and he must be apprehended at once. If he is guilty, it is terrible that no one reported this sooner... much sooner.

However, remember, this is an investigation at this point, and we are hearing from many people who are disgruntled followers. The disgruntled followers are the ones who reported these alleged offenses to the police. Disgruntled followers may be telling the 100 percent truth or they may be pursuing a vendetta.

What needs to happen is that the arrest warrant be executed — Warren Jeffs picked up — but that the system be prepared to be fair and not fueled by others' grudges, if indeed grudges fuel this investigation instead of facts. And let me repeat: The disgruntled followers could be telling the 100 percent truth... or not. This is an investigation and police/FBI must seek corroboration, as they must in every investigation.

Ted is a good sport and can laugh at himself. Last night he had a slip of the tongue... something we have all done on live TV. We teased Ted during a break because he said on air a "Black African-American." He caught himself saying it and had to keep himself from laughing at his own blunder as he was saying it, but once he started to say it, he could not bail himself out of it. He just let it go and then, during the break, Bernie, my stage manager, Bert, and I laughed with him. Ted is such a good sport. I am now at the point where I have had so many blunders on air that I can't remember them.

I have received many e-mails from viewers the last two weeks asking if Bernie has a relative on the hit TV show, "24." I told him about the e-mails and he laughed. Bottom line: the answer is no, he does not. Now, of course, we are all curious about which character viewers think he looks like. I watch "24" when the entire year is put on DVD and thus I am not watching this season.

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

If you are wondering where the victims are — on "America's Most Wanted" last Sunday, a young man said that when he was a child Mr. Jeffs regularly singled him out on the way to church, took him into a bathroom and sodomized him. Check out the transcript, or ask John Walsh — I had to turn the show off at that point. As far as I am concerned, the guy should be at the top of the Most Wanted list.
Remy Smith

E-mail No. 2

I am an average teenage girl. I have strong conservative point of views and actively keep up in the political arena. While watching your show on May 8, 2006, I found that I deeply disagree with you. Warren Jeffs is an illegal polygamist. I believe putting him on the top 10 list is very wise. On your show I received the feeling that this disturbing man should not be on the top 10 list. First of all this surprised me that you would say this. I watch your show and normally you cover more rape cases and stand up for the victims. You give rape victims a voice and tend to shut anyone up who would justify the actions of rapists.

Today, the men that represented your show all agreed that Warren Jeffs did not belong on this nationwide list. Frankly I believe that he should have a solid spot. He supports young teenage girls just like me to marry older men. He is the conductor of many rapes and supporter of polygamy. Thousands of young girls are sitting in homes right now with many other women being raped. THOUSANDS, and you say this man does not belong? If he were not on the top 10 list is would give other child rapists the excuse of knowing that what they are doing is okay.

As a 15-year-old girl, putting herself in that position I would want this man to be sought out and put into jail. What he is doing is not right. There is a large amount of underage rape happening in his consent. If this does not scream "Top 10," then I don’t know what does.
Thank you

E-mail No. 3

What's so funny about a noise charge? The charge suggests a history of loud, disorderly conduct! I think this is very relevant to the behavior of the Duke lacrosse team! No wonder people need Ambien to sleep!
Dallas, TX

E-mail No. 4

Greta, is it a full moon tonight?
Noise charge, Greta? Beer, parties... sounds like every college in America. "Noise charges?" NYC would be in jail... hahahaha. It's noisy here. I agree with Geoff about the polygamist being on the most wanted list — very strange.

Keith Richards falling off a tree... if this is true, he probably was stoned (no pun intended), climbed a tree and fell.
I can't stop laughing.
New York, NY

E-mail No. 5

If you haven't been watching "24" on "regular" FOX on Monday nights, then you probably have not discovered the BIG SECRET! Bernie Grimm is a BIG star on "24," (even though he is a bad guy named "Graham"). If you knew about this, why didn't you tell us? Bernie can't deny it... just watch the next episode! He'll be on there!
A loyal fan,
Joanne Robbins

ANSWER: I read this to Bernie. He is going to check it out.

E-mail No. 6

Your panel of fellas "know" all the facts about the Duke dufuses [sic], but they actually don't know the difference between s__t and apple butter! They "know" the gal is lying. They "know" they dufuses [sic] never did a thing wrong. They "know" she was laughing in a photo but she was actually grimacing about what had happened. They took the gossip — and that is exactly what it was — and ran with it, proclaiming that the girl lied and told she'd been raped by 20 men (there wasn't a MAN in attendance that night, but only little boys) but it was later only three who raped her. They decided that if she had reported a rape 10 years ago, she isn't credible. They "know" that she reported her husband raped her. SAY WHUT? [sic] These idiots are self-serving and looking for attention, just like little boys themselves.

This is indeed a sorry, sorry world when you folks hold a trial on TV, find the girl guilty and decide what her sentence should be. Shame on you! I'm so sick of hearing this crap nightly on your show and can't do a thing about it so I'm done watching your show!
Carol Hoffman

E-mail No. 7

I feel like Jeffs being put on the most wanted listed is just politics. I watched "The LineUp" on Sunday and listened to an FBI agent being interviewed and it seemed like he was more concerned with the public's opinion of the FBI than Warren Jeffs' crimes. It was pathetic! We need to catch this guy because he is a child abuser, not so the American public will love the FBI!
Ben Bannister
Warren, OH

E-mail No. 8

I guess Greta and her panel missed the initial FOX News presentation about Jeffs. The story on FOX about him was that he, himself, was marrying numerous underage girls and that he, himself, was molesting little boys. Maybe the reason he is on the FBI's Most Wanted List is because he is a child predator as well as procuring young girls for other men followers.
Janice Young
Roseville, CA

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