The Foxlight: 'Sex and the City'; 'Simple Life'; Bob Hope

"Bleep and the City," Paris hits the road and Bob Hope's babes in today's Foxlight.

New promos running for TBS feature the gals from "Sex and the City" (search) shilling for their new home. But how's this for irony -- sexpot Kim Catrall ends one of the commercials by saying: "Don't miss a frame of it." Well, we're going to be missing a lot of frames on TBS. The show was trimmed of all frontal nudity and lots and lots of naughty words before it was ready for ordinary cable.

You know how you don't really want to know how they make sausage? What if I told you Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie were involved? Stuffing sausages is just one of the part-time jobs they undertake on the road trip that is "The Simple Life 2." (search)

Last season, the girls say they felt trapped with one family -- the very understanding Ledings. The tarty twosome says this year is much better, because every episode means a different town, family and job attempt. Sure, because what family would have them after watching last year? And do the girls keep in touch with the Ledings? Paris tells Entertainment Weekly: "I changed my number." I don't think they're calling, Paris.

Finally, Bob Hope (search) was doing a little more than entertaining the troops all those years. He was also entertaining some of those beautiful women he brought along with him. Pal Oleg Cassini claims that Hope was on the "Road to Babe-alon." Apparently he swung more than that golf club. No specific names, but Hope sprang eternal performing with women like Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Joey Heatherton and Brooke Sheilds. Ewww ... Brooke? Say it isn't so.