The Foxlight: P. Diddy, Reese, the Bush Twins

P. Diddy finally flops, Reese doesn't get the paparazzi and the Bush twins' not-so simple life in today's Foxlight.

Sean Combs (search) has the Midas touch on almost everything. But the New York Post says his "Citizen Change" effort to get young voters registered is a party that no one is coming to. Two big events have been either scaled back or cancelled altogether. Co-sponsor MTV says it's happy. And a Citizen Change spokesperson says they have over $1 million in pledges. But how many new voters have they registered? And what's the money being used for? This one sounds like a "P. Dud."

Reese Witherspoon (search) doesn't understand the appeal of tabloid magazines -- particularly the pictures of her at the grocery store or at preschool. "It's like every day I'm wearing the same sweat suit. It's like, 'Is this really interesting? And to who?'" The "Vanity Fair" actress told reporters recently, according to AP Radio.

The star of the "Legally Blonde" films says she and her husband, actor Ryan Phillippe, try to laugh at the photos and stories. "It's pretty funny, and it's amazing the kind of things that people can make up in their minds," she said.

Finally, forget Paris and Nicole. Let's get a reality show for the Bush twins (search). The Secret Service could film it for free.