The Foxlight: Manilow, Uma, Ashley Olsen, Dave Chappelle

Manilow does Vegas, Uma subs for Nicole, Ashley's acting lessons and Chappelle's hot ride in today's Foxlight.

He writes the songs that make the whole world call for tickets and shut down the hotel's switchboard for two hours. That's what happened when Barry Manilow (search) tickets went on sale for his new Las Vegas Hilton gig. They're giving him $60 million. Who knew that many people liked him?

She killed Bill, but can she slay them in a musical? Uma Thurman (search) is said to be Nicole Kidman's replacement in the film version of "The Producers," with Broadway stars Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane. Thurman will play the tall busty secretary who gets a couple of the movie's show-stoppers.

The New York Post says something long overdue is finally coming to fruition — acting lessons for Ashley Olsen (search). Ashley is "secretly" — sorry — taking lessons from a famous New York teacher.

Finally, funny guy Dave Chappelle (search) is supposed to be sick, but Page Six says he's boppin' around town in chauffeur-driven Mini Cooper. Leave him alone. Just the idea of a chauffeur-driven Mini Cooper is funny enough. Proves he's always thinking of ways to amuse.