Lawsuits against Liza and Burt and a Marvin Gaye movie in today's Foxlight.

He was guarding her body in an unappetizing way. The former bodyguard and chauffeur to Liza Minnelli (search) accuses the singer of forcing him to have sex with her and is seeking more than $100 million in damages. According to a six-page complaint filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the guy said that "without his consent," he was forced to have sexual relations with Minnelli.

More than 10 years after a bitter divorce that led him to seek bankruptcy protection, actor Burt Reynolds (search) is embroiled in another nasty battle with his latest former girlfriend, involving claims of extortion, abuse and broken promises. Reynolds and his ex-girlfriend launched twin lawsuits this week in the Florida and California courts after a 12-year relationship. Do the math, she was apparently what broke up Burt and Loni.

Finally, Marvin Gaye's (search) daughter says following the success of "Ray," she is encouraged that a biopic of her famous dad will finally get a green light. And what famous actor would she like to see play the man that gave the world "Sexual Healing?" Nona Gaye says the man for the job is Denzel Washington. Foxlight suggested the film be called "What's Goin' On," after one of Gaye's many early hits. You heard it through this grapevine first.