The Foxlight: 'Joey,' Simon, Rosie

"Joey" jitters, Simon's TV lifespan and Rosie in trouble again in today's Foxlight.

Just a few days from the premiere of "Joey," (search) and media buyers are worried. They say the show may not be the huge hit NBC needs. Matt LeBlanc is likeable enough, they concede, but the surrounding cast just isn't as "Friendly" as his old roommates. Still, the show is 85 percent cheaper to produce than "Friends." Even with costly co-stars like former "Sopranos" hit gal Drea de Matteo. Time magazine reminds us that "Friends" started out slowly and really wasn't much concept-wise. But NBC isn't in the "slow-start" business these days. The Olympics were up percent over Sydney. That's momentum that needs to be maintained. Can "Joey" do the heavy lifting?

Simon Cowell (search) says his act may have run its course. He told audiences in Scotland he doesn't see himself dissing people on TV for more than five more years. But guess what? That was all just to help promote a new show in England called "The X Factor." It's just like "Idol," but for groups and older folks. How many years can he dis them on that show? Simon isn't saying.

Finally, Rosie O'Donnell (search) is in more hot water and could be heading back to court over being in court last time. Turns out she liked the courtroom sketches from her last trial so much she offered to buy them. The mother-daughter team who did them sent them over to her. Rosie didn't buy -- but did use some of them in a photo collage, according to the miffed artists. If this heads to court, who will draw those pictures? Self-portraits, anyone?