The Foxlight: Jessica, McEnroe, Thatcher, Reagan, Charo

Nick and Jessica — are they or aren't they?; McEnroe and CNBC no love match; Thatcher-Reagan romance rumors; and same-old Charo in today's Foxlight.

Are they or aren't they? The New York Post's Page Six claims new evidence that Nick Lachey (search) and Jessica Simpson (search) are newly estranged.

Despite being on the cover of every major magazine and telling anyone who'll listen that they're fine, Page Six quotes an Internet document that claims the two arrived separately, and left that way, for the Christmas-tree lighting at Rockefeller Plaza last week, and that the only time they spoke to one another was when they were on camera.

No wonder they're doing one more season of "Newlyweds" — this way they can communicate. They look happy, so maybe she can act.

Foxlight told you weeks ago that John McEnroe's (search) CNBC talk show was headed for the chopping block. Now it's official. He actually had more people watching him play tennis from the stands than tuned into the show.

So Oliver Stone (search) thinks Margaret Thatcher (search) had an affair with Ronald Reagan (search)? That's just one of his new conspiracy theories as he readies a biopic.

Who does he want to play Maggie? Oscar autopilot nominee Meryl Streep (search)? Better choice: Dame Edna.

Finally, whatever happened to Charo (search)? She showed up on FOX News Channel over the weekend. She's still got it ... whatever "it" is.