The Foxlight: Jessica and Nick, Heidi Klum, Vanessa Williams

Jessica and Nick A-OK, Heidi Klum does fashion and Vanessa Williams' new album in today's Foxlight.

Jessica Simpson (search) and Nick Lachey (search) say their marriage is rock solid. They aren't fighting all the time. They have no plans to get a divorce and oh, by the way, this is the last season of "The Newlyweds." Maybe there's a little strain on the nuptials when your bad cooking and expensive sheets are national fodder.

Heidi Klum (search) says her new reality show isn't a reality show but a talent contest looking for a new fashion designer — it's called "Project Runway." (search) And it is a reality show, Heidi. If you're expecting a backstage pass with supermodels getting dressed and undressed, sorry. This is all about sewing and schmoozing. Heidi says she doesn't want to be "Simon-like" cruel, but some of the designs are pretty bad. Winner gets $100,000, a fashion show and a spread in Elle magazine.

Finally, former Miss America Vanessa Williams (search) says it's sad that the pageants may not be broadcast anymore. But she told the Foxlight the world is a different place than it was 21 years ago, when she got the crown. She's taking a blast to the past with her next album of '70s covers from folks like The Ohio Players. Forget Gloria Gaynor — Vanessa Williams will survive.