The Foxlight: 'Head of State,' 'Cradle 2 The Grave' and 'The Hunted'

Statesmen, black diamonds, Tommy Lee Jones (search) and a thousand corpses in today's Foxlight.

Not many people agreed with me but I liked Chris Rock's turn as a presidential candidate in "Head of State" (search). And Bernie Mac almost steals the election from him. Run these two guys in California against Arnold. In fact the whole movie -- new on DVD -- seems much more plausible these days. Well, except for the white people who look like they can dance.

Next, Jet Li continues to prove he's no Jackie Chan, and this time DMX is part of the evidence in "Cradle 2 the Grave" (search). What plot there is, revolves around a kidnapping and some very rare black diamonds. Rarer still would be a good Tom Arnold movie. He's also along for this ride.

And what happens when the always convivial Tommy Lee Jones gets angry? He starts chasing survivalist Benicio Del Toro in a very bad version of "U.S. Marshall" meets "Rambo." It's called "The Hunted" (search), and I wish they had hunted down a better script. Jones has this kind of role patent pending, and Del Toro just looks confused. He's not alone. The terrific William Friedkin directed this. They should all know better.

Finally, what else can you say about a movie with the title "House of 1000 Corpses (search)?" How about, 'No thank you?' This is based on the short story "Apartment of 412 Corpses."