The Foxlight: Cameron, the Olsen Twins, John McEnroe

Cameron all tied up, the Olsen twins don't "Got Milk" anymore and John McEnroe back on TV in today's Foxlight.

I guess there's a reason Cameron Diaz (search) looks like she's making a porno with clothes on in those "Charlie's Angels" films ... she's had practice with the other kind (when she was 19). Actually, porno is a bit of a stretch -- call it "S & M" lite. Anyway, I don't have the $40 to download it and I'm sure there'd be a few lawsuits, but suffice it to say it's probably not her best work. The guy holding the camera wanted a few million from her or said he'd release it. She obviously didn't pay up. Now they're suing each other. Will she bring the leash and dog collar to the courtroom? Don't ask.

Those "Got Milk" ads featuring Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (search) have been pulled. Or did they just run their course? An Olsen spokesperson says they weren't supposed to run any longer. The milk folks say they did it out of respect for Mary Kate's recent health issues. If the tabloids are correct, maybe she should be doing a print ad that says "Got Coke?"

Finally, John McEnroe (search) got his own talk show Wednesday night on CNBC. Doesn't anyone remember his dreadful turn as a game show host on something called "The Chair"?