The Foxlight: Beyoncé, 'Ray,' 'Desperate Housewives'

Beyoncé not crazy in love, Foxx vs. "Ray," can't buy a good review and weakening "Wives" in today's Foxlight.

Folks claiming Beyoncé and boyfriend Jay-Z are just punking us with their relationship will get no evidence to the contrary in his new concert film "Fade to Black." (search)

Backstage footage of the pair shows them sharing only a camera-catching peck on the cheek. All smiles, but more business-like than heat-inducing. Are they the new Tom and Penelope?

Is Jamie Foxx's Oscar buzz for the new Ray Charles biopic threatened by the script for the film? An early review in New York magazine says while Foxx's performance in "Ray" (search) is amazing, the clunky, "by-the-biopic numbers" screenplay may undermine him. The film has to open big and win over audiences to push the ordinary dialogue under the carpet.

Big-screen clunker "Around the World in 80 Days" (search) is trying to buy favorable reviews from journalists for the upcoming DVD release by feeding them a line — literally. Entertainment outlets like the Foxlight got a huge basket of goodies attached to a hot-air balloon. Everything in the basket leaves a better taste in the mouth than the film — but it doesn't come free with the DVD for everyone else.

Finally, "Desperate Housewives" (search) got off to a great start, but just a few weeks later is turning a little too camp and sitcom-friendly for the Foxlight's taste. Want proof? Last week's episode was directed by sitcom veteran Jeff Melman. There's a difference between dramatic punch and punch lines. Will audiences agree? Stay tuned.