The First Serious Shot Is Fired in the 2008 Presidential Campaign...

As you may know, The New York Times gave the far-left outfit MoveOn a huge discount to smear General Petraeus in a full page advertisement. MoveOn called the general "Betray Us."

Well, the Giuliani campaign hopped on this controversy quickly, and today paid the same amount as MoveOn to slam Senator Hillary Clinton in The Times ad. The Giuliani advertisement chided Mrs. Clinton for doubting the honesty of General Petraeus and portrayed the senator as a pawn of the far-left.

Now we'll discuss the wisdom of the advertisement in a moment, but there is no question the Democratic presidential contenders have a major problem. A few weeks ago, most of them went to the DailyKos convention. As we have demonstrated, that Web site is one of the most vicious enterprises in the entire country.

Now the Democratic presidential contenders will not condemn the MoveOn ad, so independent minded Americans are left with the impression that the Democrats either agree with the vicious tactics of the far-lef, or are too afraid to challenge them.

Stalwart Democrats like Joseph Lieberman, Mayor Ed Koch, even Nancy Pelosi criticized MoveOn for its disgraceful tactics, but not any of the Democratic presidential contenders would do that.

This is an interesting turn of events. Just last week, Democrats had big momentum because most Americans don't like the Iraq War. But after the Petraeus controversy, more Americans are willing to give the situation a bit more time in Iraq. And there is anger over the attacks on the general.

So I think it's fair to say that the Democrats have lost a lot of momentum in the last few days. What the Dems should do is wise up. No American can win the presidency pandering to the far-left. They may have a lot of money, a lot of Internet clout, but they are seeking a huge change in America. And most Americans simply don't want it.

It is true MoveOn and other Internet assassins do the dirty work that the candidates used to do themselves, but the trade-off is that the candidates now have to tow the MoveOn line in return for the assassinations. Now that is dangerous and offensive to most Americans, who reject far left tactics and philosophy. Remember, Richard Nixon was re-elected during the unpopular Vietnam War because his opponent, Senator George McGovern, lived in far-left-ville.

Finally, there are far-right Web sites that smear, no question. But I've studied this Internet situation now for more than a year. The viciousness of the far-left is unprecedented. It is un-American. It is immoral. Every politician should walk away from these people. We're going to have more on this subject, coming up.

And that is “The Memo.”

Pinheads and Patriots

The patriot was an easy pick this evening: It is Tony Snow's last day as the head White House spokesman. And whether you agree with Mr. Snow or not, he has conducted himself with dignity and honesty. Even the most liberal White House reporters acknowledge that.

So Mr. Snow is leaving to earn more money for his family. And we, of course, wish him the best. He is a patriot.

Now on the pinhead front, Kanye West has the best selling album in the country right now, but he got real upset when MTV didn't put him in a high profile position in its broadcast last weekend.


KANYE WEST, RAPPER: (expletive deleted) MTV! Tell them what the (expletive deleted) I said! Five nominations (expletive deleted). I lost to Black Eyed Peas last year, man. I'm never coming to MTV. Y'all find Britney. Get Britney! Get a real (expletive deleted) artist. Get Britney (expletive) Spears.

Man, that's two years in a row, man! Get off this (expletive), man. I love these people but man. Goddamn, man. Give a (expletive deleted) a chance, man. Give a black man a chance. I'm trying hard, man. I got the (expletive deleted) number one record, man. I'm trying, man. I don't give a (expletive deleted).


A little upset.

Now, while we may sympathize with Mr. West's frustration, including race into this makes him a pinhead.

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