The Democrats Are Coming for Your Wallet

If you are a Democrat, boy, do you love taxes!

Now, Democrats in the House and Senate met this week to put together their budget blueprint. Among items on their agenda, higher government spending and letting the Bush tax cuts expire. That's right.

Let's just say it without beating around the bush. Democrats want to raise taxes; income, capital gains and dividend taxes will return to pre-Bush levels, which will cost you, the taxpayer $200 billion in the years 2011 and 2012.

And that's what we get from the San Francisco Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the gambler Harry Reid, despite the fact that the Bush tax cuts have led to higher tax revenue growth. Well, they want to tax more so they can spend more.

The Democrats and their "pay-go" provisions are going to hit you in the wallet. And it's not just tax receipts that have prospered during the Bush years. Now, according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, companies actually plan to hire 20 percent more college graduates this year than last.

The nation's unemployment rate was at a five-year low in March. And of course, the Dow Jones industrial average has been hitting all-time highs.

But, what's that giant sucking sound? It's the Democrats coming for your wallets, because they never met a tax increase they didn't like.

And that's the state of America tonight.

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