The Buzz: Ban the Bird?

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If you didn’t catch Tuesday’s edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto, here’s what you missed:

Nearly a year to the day after a crash that claimed 113 lives, a redesigned Concorde completed a nearly four-hour test flight. British Airways hopes to fly its Concordes commercially again by late summer. Air France, which has conducted Concorde test flights at subsonic speeds, hopes to fly again by autumn.

But after being grounded since last July's tragic accident, some in the U.S. don't want to see the supersonic aircraft return to American shores.

Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y., wants the Concorde banned.

While he admits that the reconfigured jet will probably meet safety requirements, Weiner claims that the Concorde remains "wildly inefficient and extraordinarily noisy."

Noting that there are "plenty of alternatives and plenty of airplane technologies… to make engines quieter," Weiner can see no reason that the Concorde receives exemption from maximum noise regulations.

"For those who live underneath the course of the plane, it is really something that has to end. It's a headache," he said.

Here’s what you had to say about the issue:

I think people in New York, London, and other cities that are under Concorde routes, should just deal with the noise or move. How can you buy a home under the route of outgoing aircraft and expect peace and quiet all the time? Don't move by the airport if you're going to complain about the noise.
Brett M.

It amazes me that if American or Delta, or TWA has a fatal crash, flights continue around the clock. This airline has done more than enough to make flying safer and faster. All planes are going to make noise, never heard one that did not. Until that time I say go Concorde, because it has serviced thousands of people without incident
Blake A.

How many airplanes fly for 30+ years with only one accident?  It disturbs me that when one accident happens with such a high-profile machine, everyone screams that it's unsafe.  Show me any other airplane that has such a great flight hours to accident ratio.
Nicholas G.
Charlotte, NC

I get tired of hearing Rep. Weiner, whine.  The concorde is too noisy - so lets make a law against it.  For other people in the world making a living, the concorde is a time saving, viable method of transportation.
Pam H.
St Louis, MO

Quite clearly the Congressman expressing his opinion on your TV show this afternoon, is 'jumping' or trying to create a bandwagon to jump on... The 'noise' is an excuse. As you suggested this is another attempt to remove the competition. I did not hear the Congressman make any comment or suggestion that Military aircraft manufactured in the U.S. should be made quieter. The Boeing 727 is noisier than Concorde, yet I hear or see no attempt to have them stop flying.
Peter C.

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