We are now seeing what happens when the overseas lefties and loons decide it's time to pillory the U.S.: They lie.

They lie as big as they possibly can as long as they possibly can until the truth is either completely defeated or rises up and vanquishes it.

Here's the lie: The U.S. is mistreating the Al Qaeda captives in Cuba.

These detainees are not being beaten or tortured, no matter what some of our spineless friends in Europe may be saying. They are not being starved or denied medical treatment, though our wussy friends would love to claim so if they had half a chance. They are not being sleep deprived or rubber hosed during interrogations, though if somebody made me king, that might by my first command.

It is true that they don't have rooms. They are in a fenced space with a plywood roof for protection from the sun and light rain, but jeez...

Who are we talking about here? These are Al Qaeda terrorists. Taliban torturers. For the safety of our men, who these guys have said they want to kill, the detainees are going to have to endure the constant supervision that see-through walls provide.

For the EU president to say America is in danger of losing the moral high ground is laughable. We took the deed to the moral high ground when our people had to jump from 100 stories up to avoid burning alive. The moral high ground became our personal property when dweebs, twits and dolts tried to justify the evil of Sept. 11 by blaming American foreign policy.

Face it. These complainers hate the fact that they are so ineffectual, so they make noise to compensate. They grunt and snort like barnyard pigs trying to drag us into their wallow of mindless pretense. They pretend to be better. They are worse. They pretend to be smarter. They are stupid. They pretend to know something. They know nothing.

Let them grunt and snort about the detainees. Let them insist we call them "prisoners of war". Let them stamp their little European booties in their angry little fits.

Those guys dressed in orange in Gitmo are terrorists, not soldiers. They represent terror organizations, not countries. They lost their rights on Sept. 11.

We will treat them humanely (if you don't count the Fruit Loops), and we will let them sit, as the secretary of defense points out, until the conflict is over… at which time they will either be charged or released.

First, this war will last a long time, so they should settle in and get comfy. And second, start thinking about testimony. "Charged" means trial, and so release is very unlikely.

The Europeans should buckle up for a bumpy ride. We're going to do what we think we need to do, and we're not waiting for an Okay from the European Union… whatever that is.

That's My Word.

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