The Battle to Succeed Jack Welch at General Electric

Three men. Vying for one job.

The two who don't get it, get out. Sounds like a reality show, right?

Well, in a way, it was.

The battle to succeed Jack Welch at General Electric.

And Jack had his three guys.

Told them, in fact, "You're my three guys. And one of you will be the guy."

Then it will be bye-bye to the other guys.

And so it was.

Jeff Immelt got the job.

His two competitors went elsewhere.

I'm told without a hint of ill will.

I don't believe that. But that's what I was told.

Just like I'm being told that there's not a hint of ill will between Governor Mike Huckabee and Senator John McCain.

That they both look forward to an aggressive, vigorous debate.

Again, I'm not buying it.

If there's no ill will, why are the Huckabee folks protesting the Washington caucus officials ceasing the vote count close to 90 percent into it?

Why is McCain saying he's still the most conservative guy? And why is Huckabee saying the same thing?

Sooner or later, this is going to get nasty, my friends.

Politicos tell me I'm wrong because Huckabee really wants to be McCain's running mate, so he isn't about to bash McCain.

But if Huckabee keeps winning primaries and caucuses, just how long do you think this good will lasts?

Two words: Not long!

It's the nature of politics. And business.

I'm not saying nice guys can't make it to the top.

Let's just say they're not always nice getting to the top.

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