The Bachelor, C.S.I: Miami and 24

From the "I Wish I Could Act Surprised" department: Alex Michel, the star of the first Bachelor has signed up as a spokesman for a dating service. Is he really the right corporate mascot? A dog who lied to one woman and has reportedly dumped the other one?

And does anyone think the new bachelor will really find his true love? Or go back to his Midwestern banking job? This guy wants a TV show once this current reality based soap opera is over.

C.S.I: Miami will run that controversial sniper episode on Nov. 18 after all. Isn't there a thin line between good taste and exploitation? Law & Order promised they wouldn't do a sniper episode--but that was last week. What do you bet they jump on the white van blue Caprice bandwagon?

Finally, 13.5 million people saw the terrific premiere of 24. But here's another chance if you miss it. Thanks to the cancellation of girls club Fox has a free hour Monday night.