Just a thought — and maybe a crazy one — but what if the United Nations were to go condo? What would we lose?

Pricey police protection for one — it's costing us millions.

Wasted parking tickets that are never paid — they're costing us millions more.

Streets in Manhattan wouldn't be shut down so much. Self-important limo conga lines wouldn't be backing up traffic so much. Now wasted space could become useful space.

Here's a concept: Paying for your parking space. Self-important elitists on a freebie would leave. Equally self-important elitists with big wallets would stay.

U.N. lovers say this city loses when we say no to foreigners. Newsflash: This city is foreigners! It's been a melting pot long before these clowns drove it to pot.

The pot's fine. The U.N. isn't.

Let's face it: They can't face us. They hate us, dismiss us, roll their eyes at us and have had enough of us.

There's nothing we can do right on our soil. So I say, get off our soil and soil someone else's.

Some say it's Neanderthal to tell them to leave. What's so Neanderthal about politely reminding they not let the screen door hit them on the way out?

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