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Friday night the show again airs from New York… our fifth night this week. It has been a great week for us: three days following the first lady and having behind the scenes access, then time with the former President Bill Clinton. I also had a few minutes off camera with former first lady Barbara Bush. Yes, I have a great job!

The plan for next week is “fluid” — meaning that we have many options and ideas, but we don’t dare commit to any particular schedule or location. News — and in particular breaking news — tends to disrupt schedules. There IS one fixed location next week and that is Thursday. We will be in Atlanta, Georgia to celebrate with viewers FOX News’ 10-year anniversary on air.

I can’t brag like my colleagues to having been at FOX for 10 years, but I can brag that I have ONLY been at the No. 1 cable news network. In fact I am the only one in all of cable news who can brag about having only been on the No. 1 team. I don’t know what it is like to be on the second place team.

I left CNN the last month it was No. 1 (December 2001) and joined FOX News in January. Coincidental with my arrival at FOX, FOX moved into first place in cable news (January 2002) and has consistently been No. 1 since then. Of course we have you, the viewers, to thank for that.

It is hard for me to believe that I have been at FOX News almost five years (the show actually launched February 2002.) The time has raced by!

In Thursday's blog I mentioned the Bush family having had springer spaniel dogs (I had them growing up, too) and what happened? My colleague Joel Parks e-mailed me pictures of his springer spaniel. His name is Sir Albert the Terrific. I could not resist showing you Al — click on the pics above!

Now for some e-mails:

E-mail No. 1

I am Venezuelan, and live in Venezuela, and have been watching all day long your comments and the comments of other U.S. citizens on the behavior of Hugo Chavez in your country. I agree totally with them, but may I remind you, that thanks to Mr. Carter, your ex-president, we have Chavez as our president. Please remember that the Carter Center was the one who willingly, decided and validated the false results of our referendum, which clearly demonstrated that Chavez lost, but Mr. Carter, representing your need of our petroleum, helped to falsify the information. Therefore, as we say in Spanish: "Todo el mundo cosecha lo que siembra," or in English “Everybody harvests that what he has planted."
Please do not forget that, this is part of the erroneous international politics carried out by the United States.
I thank you herewith of being a decisive part in the problems we have in Venezuela, where Chavez has increased the poverty, and after 8 years in power, thanks to the enormous help he received from the us, we still have to stand him.
Brigitte Hoffmann

E-mail No. 2

Hey Greta,
Someone would have to keep that phone CHARGED! Otherwise, the messages WOULD GO INTO THE VOICE MAIL! If it is not CHARGED, no one would be able to use it!
Kathleen DiCenso
Scottsdale, AZ

E-mail No. 3

It seems like every other week in your show the first story is how some female teacher sexually abused a male student and it seems in every case you insist the teacher should get fired and have jail time, and frankly from my point of view as a high school student from Wisconsin, it's getting old. None of these MALE students were physically forced to have sexual relations with these teachers, and in most cases they thought it was a good idea. And no matter how many of these stories you report its still going to happen because both the female teacher and the MALE student want it to happen.
Carl Knepel
Jackson, WI

E-mail No. 4 — This next e-mail refers to the missing computer in the John Mark Karr case…he is in custody for misdemeanor possession of child porn… but now his computer the police seized that allegedly had the porn on it is missing: You know darn well a dirty cop or jailer took that computer.
Walter Burson
Brewster, OH

E-mail No. 5

I really enjoy your program and expertise you bring to FOX News.
However, there is one problem I have with several of the news personalities, including yourself. I'm emailing you because I heard you use this term tonight. I would like to know why so many of you refer to the Clintons as if they are still in office. At least at times, you call him President Clinton instead of Former President Clinton, or Hillary Clinton as the First Lady instead of the Former First Lady. At least for now, they are not in the White House so I do not think they should be addressed as if they are. They were in the White House, but are not currently so I feel it is disrespectful to the Bushes to make reference to the Clintons as is they are. Many times I've heard Mr. Reagan referred to as Former President Reagan, Mr. Ford referred to as Former President Ford, etc, so I feel this should apply to the Clintons as well. This term has been used for living ex-presidents as well as the deceased ones.
Thank You for listening to my complaint,
I still think you do a great job.
Maplewood, MN

Finally, some articles that caught my attention:

Tour de France champ Armstrong says his kids exercise

Radio ad: Houstonians arm yourselves against evacuees

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