Following is the text of a statement released by Marina Ein, Rep. Gary Condit's spokeswoman, on behalf of the congressman in response to an editorial in The Modesto (Calif.) Bee calling on him to step down:


It is terribly unfair and disappointing that the Bee would have come to any decision about me without first allowing the investigation to continue and hearing what I have to say.

My thirty years in public service should have earned me that much consideration. The Bee's editorial, like the articles it ran and later had to correct with false accusations about me, is another example of it following the media frenzy in this case rather than leading, by providing its readers with the truth.

The Bee's conclusion that my refusal to publicly disclose details of this case is a violation of the public trust is an unfortunate misunderstanding of the difference between my cooperation with the police and my unwillingness to give in to media demands that I immediately bear all parts of my and my family's private life. The Bee's taking one line of a statement from the D.C. police out of context will not change the fact that I have provided information to those who actually might be able to find Chandra Levy as opposed to those in the media who do not have that responsibility.

Finally, it is sad that the Bee did not appreciate my desire to talk and spend some time with my wife and children before I sat down for any public interview.

Nevertheless, I am hopeful that my neighbors and constituents will be more understanding of the complexities of this case and will be more respectful of the process. I can only hope that they will judge me on my entire record, and that they will wait their judgment until they have heard what I have to say, which I plan to do very soon. In return, as I always have done, I will rely on and live by the opinion and decision of those who I have been honored and privileged to serve.