Tesla Offering Financing, Cellular Diagnostics on 2010 Roadster

Tesla Motors, the electric automobile manufacturer, announced today that it is now offering financing on its $109,000 two-seat Roadster.

Qualified buyers will be able to obtain loans for the $109,000 sports car through Bank of America at rates as low as 5 percent on up to 75 percent of the value of the car. Leases are not yet available.

For $20,000 down, buyers will pay approximately $1,700 per month on a 5-year loan.

The announcement was made in conjunction with the opening of the first Tesla dealership in New York City, where the company also unveiled the updated 2010 version of the Roadster.

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The new cars feature an upgraded interior and a redesigned power electronics module with improved cooling for better performance. In addition, the vehicles now feature a two-way cellular connection to the factory that can be used to diagnose problems with the car and upload new software to the onboard computer.

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Along with the base model, Tesla also showed its first Sport version, which gets an increase in power from 248 hp to 288 hp and a manually adjustable suspension.

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