Terrorists Botch Embassy Attack in Iraq

Insurgents tried to attack the Italian Embassy (search) with mortar rounds Thursday but missed, slightly wounding two Iraqi civilians, one victim said.

Bassem Mal-allah said from his hospital bed that he and another man were injured during the morning mortar fire.

"I heard an explosion (near the embassy) and went to see what caused it and then another mortar came in and hit me," Mal-allah said.

The Italian Embassy has been targeted previously. In September, three Iraqis were slightly wounded in a mortar attack, while one Iraqi was killed in a June barrage. The diplomatic mission was hit and damaged by mortar or rocket fire in November, but there were no injuries.

Italy (search) was one of the strongest supporters of the U.S.-led war in Iraq. It didn't send combat troops, but has deployed about 3,000 troops to help rebuild the country.