Teri Hatcher to Provide Voices for Animated Film Characters

Clumsy but lovable as a single mom on the TV hit "Desperate Housewives," Teri Hatcher has signed on to play quite a different kind of mother in the first feature film from Nike chairman Phil Knight's Portland animation studio.

The Oregonian reported in its Tuesday edition that in "Coraline," adapted from a children's novel by Neil Gaiman, Hatcher will provide the voice of both the mother and the "other mother" of the young girl for whom the book is named.

The other mother, a sinister reflection of Coraline's real mom, seeks to trap Coraline for nefarious purposes.

Child star Dakota Fanning has already agreed to play Coraline in the film, due out sometime in 2008. Last week, Knight's studio, Laika Entertainment, announced that it will partner with Focus Features to distribute the movie.

"Coraline," to be directed by Laika supervising director Henry Selick, is the first of two films in the early stages of production at the Portland studio.