Tennessee Mom: Cell Phone Recording Proves Teacher Spanked Son

A Tennessee mother claims she recorded a conversation in which a teacher admits to spanking her son, MyFoxMemphis.com reports.

Click here to view a video report and hear the recording at MyFoxMemphis.com.

“He had told me that she whooped him with the ruler because he wouldn’t do his work,” Meriam Thomas said of her son, who claims he was hit in the head, back and stomach at Riverview Elementary School in Memphis.

“They never knew I was recording. I had my phone in my pocket and had it on record”

Spanking is a violation of Memphis School System policy.

Thomas confronted the teacher and principal. During the recording, she is heard saying: “I’m here to find out what’s going on with my child. She whooped my child.”

A voice responds: “I didn’t whoop your child. I spanked him.”

A Memphis City Schools representative said officials have not heard the recording and cannot verify its authenticity but released this statement: “We are not aware of any evidence suggesting that there was inappropriate behavior by the staff members at Riverview Elementary.

“Our students’ well-being is our main concern and we will absolutely investigate the matter fully and completely.”

Said Thomas: “I have to send my son back to school and the thing is, he’s scared to go back to school because he’s scared she’s gonna whoop him.”