Tenet Testifies: Warranted, or Witch Hunt?

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As questions surface about the information that led to war in Iraq, U.S. lawmakers continue to probe information relating to the Sept. 11 attacks and say the lessons learned reveal the U.S. intelligence community needs a major overhaul.

House Intelligence Committee (search) lawmakers say they plan to hold an open hearing next Thursday to review the quality and scope of intelligence regarding Iraq and whether it was "accurate, unbiased and timely." Former directors of the Central Intelligence Agency and other experts are expected to testify.

The Joint Intelligence Committee is also releasing next Friday its final report on whether intelligence failures contributed to events on Sept. 11.

Tenet testifies: Warranted, or witch hunt?

A sample of your responses:

This is a "witch hunt" - and not very well considered.
1. Everybody in the intelligence community knows that the British have better "HUMINT" (i.e., Human Intelligence, i.e., "spying") than we do.  I would go with their assessment of this issue.
2. Intelligence is more art than science.  If you discourage intelligence types from sticking their necks out once in a while, they will give nothing but conservative estimates, and these lead to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.
Chuck K.
USAF Air Command & Staff College

It's just like the President's opponents to criticize, and condemn at the price of possibly compromising at the least the strength of this great country in the eyes of the enemy,and at the most our national security. This would be considered treason in the face of the enemy, especially when they've done their upmost to tear down our national defense including the central intelligence agency.
Tim V.
Newark, DE

Mr. Tenet is the only high level holdover from the Clinton administration.  Scapegoat or not, time for him to go.
Wyatt S.
Austin, TX

The president's detractors, Leftist Dems & etc. are grabbing at straws, have the hearings,let them have all the rope they need to hang themselves...
Will R.
Ravenswood, WV

It is just a political Witch Hunt.  Fortunately, we have our own Senator Saxby Chambliss on the intelligence committee. Maybe, he can help put dogs back in the barn.
Aaron H.
Warner Robins, GA

Just two words: WITCH HUNT! There is absolutely no factual basis for this biased, political attack.
MSgt Mitch G.
166 CES/CEF Crash-Rescue

NSA in the first Bush administration... CIA director in the Clinton administration... held over by the current administration.....a man with enough integrity to step up and take the heat off of the president, because he thought is was the correct thing to do. Sure, he should be answering the questions put before him.  It's part of his job.  Government officials have been grilled before congressional committees for years as a matter of procedure.  I think Mr. Tenet will survive this one and continue to be a patriot, in this administration or in the private sector.
Bob O.

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