Teens Charged in Violent Spree Near Philadelphia

A group of teenagers has been charged in a string of violent attacks on residents returning home from work in Upper Darby, Penn., during an alleged three-night crime spree.

The nine charged, who range in age from 14 to 17, allegedly beat and robbed several people walking home in the streets, MyFOXPhilly.com reported.

“Suddenly, he pulled a gun on me and he said 'Empty your pockets.' I had nothing. Suddenly his two friends showed up and just started beating me up," Sved Kamal told MyFOXPhilly of the 14-year old that allegedly attacked him.

Two of the nine suspects are currently in police custody.

Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said he tried to incarcerate the teens in the Delaware County Juvenile Center, but the Center told him there was no room.

The nine suspects cannot be charged as adults.

However, the director of the Juvenile Center blamed the lock-up problem on miscommunication, stating they were obliged under law to take the suspects, even if the facility is overcrowded.

He said the Center had room, MyFOXPhilly reported.

Extra police are patrolling the area where the attack occurred.

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