Teenager Racks Up $21,000 in Cell Phone Charges

A California man got an expensive surprise when he opened his cell phone bill last month, KTVU.com reported.

Ted Estarija’s cell phone bill totaled more than $21,000 – an unbelievable number that he thought had to be a typo, KTVU.com reported.

But it was Estarija’s 13-year-old son, who was recently added to the family’s cell phone plan, who was responsible for most of the charges, the Web site reported.

When Estarija, who is currently unemployed, added his son to the family plan, he expected it to cost an additional $50 a month. Instead, he now owes Verizon $21,917.59.

"I was completely caught off guard," said Estarija, according to KTVU.com.

"This is outrageous. It seems like it comes to almost $100 a minute."

Estarija said he told Verizon he only wanted his son to have access to phone calls and text messages. But after reading through the bill, he discovered that his son had downloaded nearly 1.5 kilobytes of data with his phone, the Web site reported.

"This is not completely his fault," said Estarija. "I put more blame on Verizon than anybody. They shouldn't allow this to happen."

Verizon reportedly would not comment on the incident because it is under investigation. They did say that they planned to work with Estarija to resolve the issue, KTVU.com reported.

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