Teen With Four Kidneys to Donate Extra Two

Doctors in the U.K. found that a teen who was suffering stomach pains had two extra kidneys, it is reported by the Daily Mail.

After doing an ultrasound on 18-year-old Laura Moon, it was discovered that she actually had four kidneys. While doctors say it can be common to find people with an extra kidney, finding a person with four fully formed and working kidneys is extremely rare, according to the report.

The teen now hopes to donate the extra organs, according to the report.

"I think, if I've got four, I don't need all four," the customer service adviser from Leeds told the Daily Mail. "Why not donate if there's someone else in need? I hope I can help somebody else while I am young. I will do everything in my power to become a donor."

It is not known why people develop multiple organs, but it is believed that one in 125 people have one extra kidney, normally a partial organ, according to the report.

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