Cops are in a sticky situation in Johnson County, Kan., where a boy has been sentenced to clean up the up-chuck in police cars after he was convicted of intentionally vomiting on his teacher.

Johnson County Magistrate Judge Michael Farley (search) sentenced the 17-year-old to spend the next four months cleaning up the cop cars whenever anyone gets sick in them, according to The Associated Press.

The teen was found guilty of a misdemeanor count of battery for vomiting on his Spanish teacher during the last day of classes at Olathe Northwest High School (search) in Olathe, Kan.

Prosecutors said the crime was intentional, but the defense claimed the boy vomited because he was nervous about his final exams.

While the Olathe (search), Overland Park and Shawnee police departments are still awaiting official word on the sentence and details on how to contact the teenager, they also aren't sure how or if they would use his services.

"I'm sure we would, but nobody's contacted our department and said, 'If you have this happen, here's the kid's phone number,'" Shawnee Police Capt. Ron Copeland said.

Normally, when someone throws up in a Shawnee police car, officers hose out what they can, then send the vehicle to a car wash to be detailed.

Police in Overland Park, where a vehicle maintenance manager usually decides if a biohazard company needs to be called in for cleanup, plan to consult a department lawyer about liability issues.

"Are we going to have to provide this guy with a biohazard suit?" Overland Park police spokesman Jim Weaver asked rhetorically. "Are we going to have to provide him with a breathing apparatus? That's a valid question."

Olathe Sgt. Mike Butaud believes that about every month or two someone throws up in an Olathe patrol car. In Shawnee, officers estimate it happens once or twice a year.

"When you have someone who's going to throw up in your car, the first thing you do is pull over right away," Butaud said. "Even if someone's going to clean it up, you don't want to have to drive around with that smell."

Kathleen Rieth, the county's director of juvenile court services, said her office will work with police on how to carry out the sentence.

And just because they have questions and concerns doesn't mean police in Johnson County don't support the judge's attempt to make the punishment fit the crime.

"I really understand the way he's going with this," Butaud said. "He's trying to make it a learning experience so he [the teenager] can really learn the error of his ways."

Brian Costello, the teen's attorney, said the case won't be appealed.

"He feels horrible about what happened," Costello said of his client. "His family has been embarrassed. He's been embarrassed, and he just wants it to be over."

Information from: The Kansas City Star

Man Pleads Guilty, Then Gets Married

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) — Minutes after pleading guilty to a gang-related stabbing death, Joshua Martin Miracle got married in the same courtroom.

Miracle, 26, who faces death or life in prison without parole for killing Elias Raymond Silva, 30, in October, exchanged wedding vows Friday with longtime girlfriend Christina Beltran, 21, during a brief ceremony performed by retired Superior Court Judge William Gordon.

The groom, handcuffed and wearing an orange jail jumpsuit, managed to steal a kiss before bailiffs took him back to County Jail.

The bride declined comment.

"I think they are very committed to each other and, despite the present unhappy circumstance, want to be together as much as they can," Miracle's advisory lawyer Joe Allen said. "This will enable Christina to come and visit him wherever he may be."

For three months, Miracle has represented himself in the murder case with the help of his court-appointed advisory lawyer. Miracle insisted on pleading guilty but Superior Court Judge Brian Hill said state law prohibiting defendants in capital cases from pleading guilty without the advise of any attorney.

The judge accepted his guilty plea Friday after Allen assured him the defendant was fully aware of the consequences of his pleas.

Dog Beats Most in Swim From Alcatraz

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — With a stomach full of scrambled eggs, Jake dog-paddled his way into history, leaving most of the serious — and human — swimmers in his wake.

Organizers of the South End Rowing Club's 10th annual Alcatraz Invitational — a 1.2 mile swim from the infamous prison island to the San Francisco shoreline — say the 65-pound golden retriever is the first canine known to have made the crossing.

He was the only dog among more than 500 swimmers who lept into the chilly, choppy waters on Saturday, coming in 72nd overall. His time was 41 minutes and 45 seconds.

The crowd cheered as the 4-year-old pooch made his way onto solid ground, shaking sprays of water and dodging a woman who tried to put a medal around his neck.

"It was colder and rougher than we thought it would be," said Jeff Pokonosky, Jake's owner and swim partner. "Jake amazed me. He was very focused. He started out really fast. I was trying to slow him down. He increased his pace to stay with the pack."

The pair live in San Diego and swim 4 miles a week and bodysurf together, Pokonosky said. And Jake always eats scrambled eggs before a big swim.

Bill Wygant, president of the South End Rowing Club, said he was more than happy to allow a dog into the race, a first for the more than 100-year-old group.

"This swim is about personal challenge," Wygant said. "Whether you are dog or human, it's whatever you can achieve that counts."

Sea Lion Attacks Boy on Boogie Board

CAYUCOS, Calif. (AP) — A 13-year-old Boogie boarder said he was chased by a sea lion that bit a chunk out of his foam board. Matthew Huff said the sea lion started chasing him Saturday evening while he was riding the board off the northern end of Morro Strand State Beach.

"It was pretty scary," said Huff, who lives in Nubieber, near Redding in Northern California. He spends every summer visiting his grandparents in Morro Bay.

The teenager said he saw the sea lion swimming toward him and he tried to get out of the way.

"He kept chasing me," Huff said.

The animal then bit the right side of the Boogie board, then circled back. When the teen put the board between himself and the sea lion, it took another bite, he said.

Ranger Dale Kinney said the sea lion was probably sick, noting sick animals often become aggressive when they're approached or touched by humans.

"A lot of times they're out on the beach because they're sick, so they're pretty grumpy anyway," the ranger said.

Driver Chases Car After Falling Out

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Opening up your door while driving isn't a good idea, especially on a busy highway.

Robbin Doolin, 31, of the Kansas City suburb of Grandview, learned that Friday morning when she leaned out her fast-moving car to spit.

She went tumbling out onto U.S. 71 in Kansas City, and to the amazement of other drivers, she hopped up and chased her car as it careened down an embankment toward a construction site.

Doolin was recovering Friday night at a hospital, where she was treated for injuries to her leg, arm and head.

"It's certainly not prudent to open your car door on a highway, especially when you're not wearing a seat belt," said Capt. Rich Lockhart, a police spokesman.

Lockhart said the woman was embarrassed about the accident.

Her explanation to officers: "I leaned out to spit and I leaned too far."

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