A U.K. teen is suing a hair-dye maker after claiming the product burned and scarred her, causing her ear to swell up to three times its normal size, according to the Daily Mail.

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Crystal Atkinson, 19, claims the dye gave her burns so severe that the pain prevented her from leaving her home and caring for her baby.

She says she suffered the burns and painful rash after a hairdresser applied L'Oreal's Garnier Nutrisse chestnut brown hair dye to her head.

The apparent allergic reaction appeared days later and left her writhing in agony as a painful rash spread across her body and burns appeared on her face, neck and scalp.

A L'Oreal spokeswoman said she had contacted Atkinson to offer support.

"Allergies to hair colorants are extremely rare but can occur for a very small number of people," the spokeswoman told the Daily Mail. "That's why it's vital that people using hair colorants are informed of the risks and know the importance of carrying out a skin allergy test 48 hours before using the colorant."

Atkinson claims to have conducted a skin allergy test 48 hours in advance and said she suffered no ill effects.