A leader in Virginia's technology community filed papers Monday to run as a Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, seeking to unseat Republican incumbent George Allen in November.

Harris Miller, 54, resigned last week as president of Information Technology Association of America to become a full-time candidate.

He had served as president of the Arlington-based ITAA since 1995, when the Internet was still in its nascent stages. He declined to state his positions on specific issues, including Iraq, abortion and gun control.

"You will be very clear in relatively short order about my positions on all the important issues," he said. "This will be an issues-oriented campaign."

Kevin Griffis, a spokesman for the Democratic Party of Virginia, said that "someone with Harris Miller's background would make an excellent candidate."

Miller ran unsuccessfully in 1984 for the Democratic nomination in Virginia's 10th congressional district in northern Virginia.

Former Reagan-era Navy Secretary James Webb also has been mentioned as a possible Democratic Senate candidate.