Teacher Replaces Students' Chairs With Exercise Stability Balls

Tiffany Miller, a fourth-grade teacher at Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins, Colo., was looking for a way to improve her students’ concentration and posture.

So she got creative.

Last month, Miller replaced her students’ chairs with exercise stability balls, and she said she sees improvements in the kids’ learning and behavior, KMGH-TV reported.

“We know with brain-based research that when you are actively sitting, your brain is more engaged,” Miller told the news station. “The other reason is, the posture is better, which means that there is more blood flow going to your brain.”

As most exercise fanatics know, the students have to use core muscles to balance on the ball. However, the balls are extremely mobile, which means the kids still have the ability to move around, which limits restlessness, Miller said.

"I've never thought about going back to a chair," said student Nolan Diana.

"If you don't have good posture when you are older, you are just going to be like this, hunched over," Nolan said, as he bent over.

Miller purchased the balls for $400 with the help of a grant.

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