Tax and Spend

Only in Washington can the big spenders complain about a 4 percent increase in spending. You'd think their throats were being slashed.

Actually, nothing's being slashed. Hear me out on this, because you're going to be getting a lot of misinformation. The administration isn't hacking anything. Its budget calls for "increasing" government spending 4 percent.

That's 4 percent "more" than last year.

Did you get a 4 percent raise? Most likely not. The average wage increase in this country is running about 2 percent.

By my math then, Washington isn't doing too badly!

But no. All you hear are complaints. And you know why?

Because Washington has been spoiled. They are accustomed to double-digit increases in annual spending. So 4 percent sounds like a huge burden. It's not. Families in this country deal with much worse. It's called living on a budget, Washington. Get used to it.

It's not Washington's money they are watching. It's ours. So value it, save it, prioritize it and for my money, quit wasting it.

What's amazing now is some of the tax-and-spenders that bemoaned tax cuts because they would bust the deficits have no problem spending money, even though that busts deficits too.

Now they're showing their true stripes. Don't cut taxes. But most of all don't cut spending.

Deficits are a problem when you give people "their" money back. But they're not a problem when you don't?

It's a lie and it's a sham. I see it. I just hope everyone sees it.

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