Tattoo Photo Among Newly Released Evidence in Caylee Anthony Case

A jailhouse photo taken of a tattoo Casey Anthony got shortly after her daughter Caylee vanished is among new evidence released Friday by prosecutors in the murder case.

Color photos of the duct tape over the toddler's mouth when her remains were found, the shorts she was wearing and the laundry bag her body was placed in also were included in the 1,400 pages of evidence released. reported that a judge granted prosecutors' request to go into the Orange County Jail in Orlando to take photos of the tattoo that reads "La Bella Vida" — which means "Beautiful Life" in Italian.

SLIDESHOW: Caylee Anthony Case

Anthony got the tattoo on her left shoulder blade on July 3, 2008 — two weeks after Caylee was last seen alive.

It isn't clear how the photo or the tattoo might factor in to the case against Anthony or whether it will be discussed at her trial, now scheduled to start in January.

Anthony, 23, is jailed on first-degree murder charges in Caylee's death. She has insisted that a baby sitter kidnapped her daughter, but police say little she has told them during the investigation has proven to be true.

Investigators have gone to substantial lengths to piece together the timeline of Anthony's activities in the month after her daughter vanished and before the disappearance was reported to police.

Since early in the investigation, the Orange County Sheriff's Office and prosecutors have taken the unusual step of releasing numerous pieces of evidence before the trial.

Detectives interviewed tattoo artist Bobby Williams about the day Anthony came in, reported.

"She just wanted nice cursive writing over her shoulder blade," Williams told the station. "She was acting like nothing happened. ... It's definitely strange now that you put two and two together."

Caylee Anthony disappeared in mid-June 2008 but wasn't reported missing by her family until a month later. Her remains were found in December in a wooded area near the Anthony family home in Orlando.

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