Tasered Newlyweds Spend Wedding Night in Separate Cells

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The bride may have been stunning, but that didn’t stop her from getting stunned with a Taser and hauled off by police. Anna Pastuszuwska spent her wedding night in jail, her husband close by in an adjacent cell.

Pastuszwska and Andy Somora tied the knot June 19, and the two Chicagoans were roped in as their reception at a Lakeside, Mich., art gallery turned rowdy, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. Fourteen police officers stormed the gallery, arresting the newlyweds as well as the father, uncle, aunt and cousin of the groom.

"The short version of the story is they didn't want to quit their partying," Mike Sepic, Berrien County, Mich., chief assistant prosecutor told the Sun-Times. "If you put this in the class of wedding receptions gone bad, I guess this would take the cake."

Tom Burnison, the owner of the art gallery, said the cops were called when windows were broken and the reception got potentially dangerous, the newspaper reported. “Calling the police was the last resort.”

The police arrived and told everyone the party was over, apparently angering the groom. "Andy got angry and started yelling, 'What are you doing? This is my wedding! You're making my wife cry!'" the wedding photographer, Kacper Skowron, told the paper.

When the groom advanced toward the police officers, one of them shot him with a Taser gun. His bride was stunned by the same current.

As the newlyweds struggled on the ground, a police officer used a Taser on the groom. The bride was shocked because of her proximity to the Taser.

"Imagine the kids and grandma seeing the bride and groom getting Tasered on the floor," said Skowron. "In my opinion, the police totally overreacted."

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