Tap Dancing Around the Answers

Did you ever know there were so many ways not to answer a question? Hopefully your teens didn't see our interview with Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney, because they learned every way to tap dance around specific questions.

Rep. McKinney agreed to come on our show to discuss allegedly hitting a Capitol Hill police officer. During the interview she refused to answer any questions about it. She claims this is a case of racial profiling, yet other African-American members of Congress don't seem to have the same problems. McKinney has had these incidents with the police several times over the years. The district attorney is now deciding whether to press charges. We'll update tomorrow.

What to do regarding the illegal immigrants in America? Sen. John McCain was booed by members of the AFL-CIO. Many believe that labor rates have dropped because illegal aliens are being used to do jobs that Americans used to get — specifically in construction, food processing, and manufacturing. While goods may be cheaper to produce and buy, do people have less money because their wages are depressed by the competition from illegal aliens?

What no one seems to address in any of these plans is what to do with the illegal aliens who don't obey whatever new law is enacted. One of the arguments for non-amnesty is that America needs the 11 million laborers and we don't have the law enforcement to round them up even if we wanted to. So what if 4 million of the 11 million don't register or comply with our new system? Can we afford to round them up? Can we take that decrease to our labor market? Will we need to figure out a different way to keep them here legally? No one talks about what will happen to lawbreakers who continue to break the law.

I think there are two distinct and difficult issues that require different bills. First, how are we going to secure our borders and pay for the new security? Second, how will we deal with the people who are already here illegally? My fear is that we'll get one without the other or they'll pass something dealing with both and not fund it.

We hope you're enjoying the "choose your news" segments. Let us know what you'd like to learn more about. You control the show!

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