Talks Are One Thing...

Wednesday I ran a letter from a Brit who was mad at Americans. He said some nasty things.

I got a lot of mail saying, "Hey, we Brits don't all think like that guy." That was reassuring.

Then I wrote Wednesday that I thought it odd that Mick Jagger (search) was bashing neo-cons.

People were a bit more divided on that because so many people just love the Stones, baby.

But news Thursday from Britain is even more disturbing than those earlier items.

The Brits are still wrapping up the terror bombing investigation, shipping foreigners who pose a danger out of the country, trying to figure out if multiculturalism is still the wave of the future, nervously looking around at the Muslims in their midst.

And now news in The Guardian newspaper Thursday that the Al-Jazeera television network — which some would say is the house organ of Al Qaeda — is in talks to sign up TV veteran Sir David Frost (search).

Oh my God.

Sir David Frost... Al-Jazeera (search).

Wow. That's a little like one of the royal family consorting with the bombers, isn't it?

Al-Jazeera is going into international satellite TV big time and they've already signed up a bunch of TV pros from the BBC — figures — Independent TV and Sky TV.

From The Guardian Thursday:

"According to insiders the Al-Jazeera International team is keen to get access to top U.S. officials so that they will appear on the station. It is also eager to get access to Iraq, where its Arabic sister channel is currently banned from operating."

Al-Jazeera's director of news, Steve Clark, doesn't sound like he's from Qatar, does it? He's making the rounds in Washington, D.C. trying to get American officials to come on board.

It's one thing for Condi Rice to go on Al-Jazeera to show Arabic speakers around the world that she doesn't have fangs, but this Sir David Frost thing is something else.

Maybe some of you are too young to remember. He interviewed Nixon. He was Britain's main TV guy for reporting on America. He was practically a yank.

Well, the good news is The Guardian isn't reporting he's signed with Al-Jazeera.

Talks are one thing, Sir David, but we draw the line at actually signing up.

That's My Word.

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