Talking Points: Straight Talk on China

Some straight talk about China is the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

As you may know, I have suggested that Americans boycott Chinese products for while sending a little consumer missile over to Beijing — just something you and I can do.

I believe that the hostage situation will soon be resolved. But the broader problem of U.S.-Chinese relations will remain just that — a problem.

The Chinese leadership knows it can only control its two billion citizens by a system of terror and aggression. China is a police state and the government still reveres the late communist dictator Mao Tse Tung a man who killed millions of his own people.

That would be like Germany still holding Hitler in high regard.

But the West is not so interested in the internal state of China and the main focus in this country is doing business with the Chinese.

Even though the balance of trade with China is vastly in its favor that market is the largest in the world and the potential for making money there is awesome.

Most of the Chinese people are dirt poor and must be kept in a state of ignorance to be controlled. Thus, the Chinese leadership uses every excuse it can to portray America as the great Satan.

Remember the government controls the press in China and has outright accused the U.S. of purposely bombing the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade a couple of years ago even though that was obviously a military mistake.

And now the People's Daily, a newspaper that propagandizes for the Chinese government, is attacking America saying things like, "the gangster logic of hegemonism won't work before the Chinese people... arrogance and haughtiness can only court others' resentment."

The Chinese bluster is designed to sow deep resentment in the minds of their people so that the temptation of American capitalism will not take hold. The Soviet Union collapsed because the people there wanted more freedom. If the Chinese people finally demand that their government will fall as well.

So the Chinese leadership wants to fan anti-American sentiment from time to time to distract the population. That is what the plane incident is all about.

In the end this whole thing will be resolved because it is bad for business. But the terror state in China will never be resolved until the government there falls. So I am going to do my part and not buy Chinese goods anymore.

In a free society that is an option I have.

And that's the memo.