Talking Points: Some Interesting Info About Condit

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly.  Thanks for watching us tonight.  We are just two hours before Gary Condit's network interview.  And that's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

First of all, here's what we're going to do this evening.  We've got a
number of stories about the Condit/Levy case on this edition of The Factor
And then, we'll come back live at 11:00 Eastern time, right after Condit's
interview with Connie Chung and we'll analyze that.

We are also going to take your phone calls throughout the late
broadcast.  Now as you know, we don't usually do that, but we want to hear
what Factor viewers think of the Condit interview.  Here is the number on
the screen.  You can write it down now because there are going to be lots
of calls coming in.  So get in there early.  And we as you that you keep
your comments pithy.  If you call in, get right to the point.  That of
course is what the no-spin zone is all about.

Speaking of spin, Congressman Condit sent a letter to his
constituents.  The tone of it kind of surprised me.  No. 1, he doesn't
apologize for any of his actions.  He says he's sorry for the pain the Levy
family's going through, but does not admit causing any of that pain.

Two, he does not admit having an affair with Chandra Levy and the same
thing with Miss Chung, because we know what happened here.  He wouldn't
admit it.

Three, Condit says he's cooperated since day one with the police. 
Well, that contradicts what the police say.  You may remember their
statements that the congressman was not cooperating.  He'd been answering
questions during the first few weeks of the investigation.  And of course,
he, what they call lawyered up.

Four, Condit says he invited the police to his apartment.  Of course,
that was 10 weeks after Chandra Levy disappeared.  And Condit doesn't
mention taking stuff out of that apartment and throwing in a Virginia

Five, Condit says he will not discuss his private life in the media,
but of course, a number of women involved with him already have done that.

And then Condit says he has been dedicated to his community and his
family.  Dedicated to his family?  Is that an extended family?

Right after the ridiculous family statement, Condit says, "I hope you
will understand that I'm not perfect and have made my share of mistakes." 
That sounds like what Mr. Clinton told "60 Minutes."  But none of the
mistakes are listed in Condit's letter, which is spin city. 

Condit even has the gall to say that he prays Chandra Levy "has not
met the same fate as other young women who have disappeared from the same
neighborhood."  Was he praying the week Chandra Levy disappeared?  The week
the Levy family says they tried to call his office and couldn't get any
information.  Maybe Condit was in church and that's why he couldn't come to
the phone.

So all in all, Gary Condit is very consistent.  You got to give him
that.  He continues to maintain he did nothing wrong, knows nothing, and is
responsible for nothing.  So what I took out of the letter is that Condit
is one big nothing.  And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time Now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

There are some pundits who are saying that the Condit-Levy story really doesn't matter and the press is foolish for giving it so much time.  The latter part of that statement, I believe, is true, but the story does matter.

First of all, it is possible Gary Condit knows something about the young woman's disappearance.  And, secondly, the way he's treated the Levy family, as I've said many times, is deplorable.  If he's reelected to Congress after what he's done to the Levys, that will say a tremendous amount about America.

So the story isn't ridiculous, but it has been overplayed by some.

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