Talking Points: Politicians Look Out for Themselves First

Nothing new in the Condit-Levy case.  Sorry, but we do have a power  packed line-up of other reports for you, beginning with the Talking  Points memo about the way our country is going.  As you know, Talking  Points believes many politicians look out for themselves first.  You're  way down the list.

Congress is about to go on summer vacation, but before they clear out,  they're throwing a lot of stuff at us.  No. 1, it looks like a patients'  bill of rights will pass.  That's good.  Some of these HMOs are totally out  of control and sick people are being abused.  The sticking point is how  much Americans can sue for.

An issue could be put to bed if we did what the British do, allow the  judges who make people who file frivolous lawsuits pay all the court costs,  including attorneys fees for both parties.  And that way, bogus lawsuits  would stop dead.  We should have that law in conjunction with the patients'  bill of rights.

The House has also passed legislation that would allow drilling in  2,000 acres of protected land in the Arctic.  Good.  This is frozen tundra.   Maybe a few animals will be inconvenienced, but there's no evidence of any  disruption of nature, so let's give Americans a break, OK?  If we find oil  and natural gas up there, it's a big win for us.

Finally the House wimped out and will not put much pressure on the  auto companies to raise gas mileage standards.  Democrat whip David Bonior  of Michigan led the charge not to annoy gas-guzzling SUVs and the like.  Of  course, Bonior did that because most American cars are made in Michigan.   But he's deadset against drilling in the Arctic.  But if cars were made up  there -- well, you get the idea.

There's simply too much self-interest in Congress, and as a result of  special interests, like the car companies, the greens and the lawyers have  amassed far too much power.  Every day Americans want fair gas prices, the  right to sue HMOs that abuse them.  And most of us want cars that don't  pollute the atmosphere and deplete gas supplies.

Talking Points is tired and needs a vacation because craven  politicians in both parties are wearing us out.  How about looking out for  the folks for a change?  What a concept.  That's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."   Michael Jackson sold out his September concert at Madison Square Garden in  a matter of hours.  Top ticket price, 2,500 bucks.  All together now,  that's the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."  Oh, man.

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