Talking Points: Congressman Gary Condit

More suspicious and some say dumb behavior by Congressman Gary Condit.   That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo. 

Hundreds of  you have written to me saying you'd like to whack this guy up the side of  the head.  Most of those letters came from fathers who understand how cruel  Condit is being to the family of Chandra Levy.  None of those letters came  from our brave politicians.

Anyway, can you believe that this guy left his apartment shortly  before police were to search it, drove out to Virginia and dumped a package  in the garbage?  Somebody saw him do that.  The package was recovered.  And  now it looks like it was a gift box from another girlfriend.  But this is  the kind of guy Condit, sneaky.  Right now, the Levy trail is cold and  police have only a few leads.

Sources told Fox News correspondent Rita Cosby that Condit's timeline on the night Chandra disappeared is not rock solid.  The authorities also  want to know why he ditched the gift box.  I can tell them that.  He's got stuff to hide.  Rita is also reporting that another woman, perhaps the gift box lady, may have information that is damaging to Condit.

Now, millions of Americans are tired of this story and millions of  others never cared in the first place.  We know that.  But we also know  that Condit should not be serving in the House.  He should resign.  And the  more pressure we can put upon him, the better.

Also, the news cycle is slow.  It's summertime.  And this mystery  needs to be solved.  If the media goes away, there's less of a chance of  that happening.  Talking Points is weary of this Condit guy.  And we will continue to bring you only the facts, not conjecture.  I hate that.   Hopefully, the end of the story is near.  And that's the memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."  The  mother of pop star Britney Spears says she's worried about her 19-year-old  daughter.  Drugs?  No.  Bad attitude?  No.  Insane boyfriend?  Not that  either.

Lynne Spears told "Bop" magazine she fears Britney will soon go bald because all the goop she puts in her hair.  That, of course, would be ridiculous.  And where can I get a subscription to "Bop" magazine?  Will someone let me know?

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